Breakthrough Coaching

Hone your skills. Create your destiny.

You already know that success requires courage and you’re not afraid to accept that personal growth is an ongoing part of the journey.

Through confidential coaching you can overcome barriers to success, develop strategies for engaging with your team, peers and leaders, and feel calmer and more confident.

Breakthrough coaching is for you if you are looking for:

  • Greater clarity and vision
  • Bigger impact in your career and your team
  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • Empowerment to make great decisions
  • Improving your leadership
  • A life that is balanced across work and personal ambitions
  • Alignment with your life goals

Breakthrough Coaching is customised, personalised 1:1 coaching.

We work with you to discover what’s holding you back, so that you can maximise your talent, passion and have fun at the same time.

We offer a bespoke coaching approach that fits with your values, your aims and your aspirations.

We guide you to the next level so you can connect more authentically, lead impactful teams and create more consistent  outcomes across all areas of your life.

Are you ready to upshift your personal leadership and un-struggle your business or career?

Trish Newell, TC Bookkeeping

Trish Newell, TC Bookkeeping

Vasso is “Amazing”! Her coaching made me see things in a different way. As a business owner I am now more confident about how I represent my business, about the value I offer my clients and the results of that is that I am growing my client base.
Vasso talked on my level and she probably said what I have heard from other people but she had a way of it making more sense to me.